season 8

167. What a guy
A new doctor and nurse arrive in Coopers Crossing. Unfortunately, since he's charming but arrogant and she's tired of overbearing city doctors, the stage is set for a clash.

168. Bad moon rising

A man collapses at an oil drilling rig. Johnno and David arrive there. The boss running the rig knows Johnno and doesn't like him, something which happened in the past. The boss wants the man back at work, so he discharges himself from hospital, but he collapses again and David is called out again. This time the ground is very wet and muddy and Johnno has difficulties getting the plane off the ground; his past comes back to haunt him. But after removing the chairs and stuff from inside the plane to make it lighter, he manages.

169. A new life

Gail delivers her baby under very hard circumstances in the Nomad. She gets a depression and don't want anything to do with the baby. Gail and her husband decide to let the baby stay with Geoff and Kate for a while. It turns out Gail hasn't cope with her father's dead and has a problem with her parents-in-law who are constantly deciding everything for her and Des.

170. Trough thick and thin

The doctors are called on to help a pair of English girls who are stranded in the outback. One of them is seriously ill. Guy and Johnno like the girls a lot.

171. Deceptions

David has decided to leave Coopers Crossing and do something else with his life. A man sacks a jackeroo - the jackeroo has been seeing his daughter - and tells him to keep away from her. The jackeroo and daughter are having a row - she falls and bangs her head. David is on the way there but sees the jackeroo setting fire to a cabin and tries to stop him, but the jackeroo hits him. David has to spend a night in hospital and misses his leaving party at the pub. The next day David leaves the hospital and hears some shouting. He finds the jackeroo stuck half way down a cliff on a ledge. David goes down to him, then goes back up to call the base. Johnno, Geoff and Kate turn up, they throw a stretcher down to David but it gets caught on something, David tries to free it and slips and falls upside down. He can't get himself back up and falls down to the bottom of the cliff. Geoff rushes down to see him, but David is dead.

172. None so blind

When her car breaks down, Kate gets battery acid in her eyes. She can't see anything and it is not sure if she ever will see again. But everything turnes out fine! Meanwhile an aboriginal woman helps out at the base. Not everyone is pleased with this!

173. Sleep of reason

The arrival of Kate's younger sister Penny is shrouded in mystery. She turns out to be subdued and secretive, while Magda also has a secret and makes a shocking announcement.

174. My mother's child

Clare is called by an agency about her son Steve she has given up on adoption. She is very tense about it all. Just as Penny thinks there is nothing to do in Coopers Crossing, Steve arrives by bus.

175. Swinging on the rope

A wealthy and powerful landowner causes problems for the RFDS when he insists that his injured son is sent to a specialist in Melbourne. The new doctor Rowie arrives. She used to live in Coopers Crossing and is rather hostile, especially to Kate.

176. Father and son
Vic decides to become a partner in a tourist enterprise, and a father has to come to terms with a tragedy when his baby boy dies.

177. A little miracle

Geoff and Kate are off camping in the bush. They are planning to get pregnant, but nearby a family gets into trouble. The father is obsessed with religion and risks his son's live. At the end a little miracle occurs and the son is saved.

178. Murphy's law

Vic runs over a little girl, Fiona, with his car accidently. Guy and Jackie pick her up, but luckily she isn't too badly hurt. At the hospital Guy noticed that Fiona's mother, Judy, is sick, she's got cancer and hasn't got a much time left. A friend of hers, named Rick, comes to visit and when he finds out about Judy's condition he wants to look after Fiona after Judy's death. But Judy claims Rick isn't the father which makes it impossible. Judy won't say anything about who the father is though. Clare finds Fiona's chart and it turns out Judy has been lying to Rick about Fiona's age, and Rick is Fiona's real father. Everybody says that it might be hard for him to get the custody of Fiona anyway since there is no legal evidence that he is her father. They only way out is marriage between Judy and Rick. Judy agrees and they are married in hospital. Later Judy dies and Rick and Fiona leave Coopers Crossing to start a life of their own.

179. Breaking down the wall

Steve, Penny, Jackie and Guy are on a tour with a german couple and a tour guide. They are in a cave, everybody but Jackie and the german woman go in. Inside the cave the guide has a heartattack and dies, and the other ones can't find a way out. After lots of searching, trouble and secrets everybody is rescued. Kate is feeling sick, and the pregnancy tests shows it - she and Geoff are going to be parents!!!

180. Once bitten

Geoff is really sick and hospitalized. The problem is nobody knows what it is. It is some infection in his arm, but since they can't find the source of the infection they don't know how to treat him. The only way out seems to be to amputate the arm! Then Johnno realizes Geoff was out at a man called Rocket who had some old equiment that might have leaked hydrolic fluids. They test Geoff, Johnno was right, and Geoff is treated. And he can keep his arm.

181. Clipped wings

Johnno is flying the doctors out on an emergency. Due to bad weather he has to land on a strip under regulation length, but since it's an emergency Johnno lands. It turned out to be a non-critical case, and when the other ones wanted to stay there until the weather got better, Johnno decides to fly. The wind changed and the plane crashes. No one gets hurt. Johnno is investigated and suspended. He shouldn't have tried to take off. He is upset and takes a job on a farm. A pilot there hurts his arm, there is no one there to fly him to town. Johnno thinks it's a danger to the pilots life and flies himself, despite the suspension. When he comes into town the doctors say he shouldn't have to come to hospital. Once more there is an investigation, but Rowie says the patient had a life-threatening injury to save Johnno. Johnno has to take his pilots licence again, he does and succeeds.

182. Walk don't run

Penny and Kate are competing with each other. Kate joins the annual cross country horse race: she puts her unborn baby's life at risk by doing this. Penny helps a woman who is obsessed with athletics.

183. Masquerade

Guy becomes involved with a battered housewife and Jackie has to cope with an amorous dentist.

184. Against the current

Penny and Steve go camping. But their idyll ends when they come across a horrifying sight. Penny decides to go back to Melbourne, but Kate and Geoff go after her and persuade her to come back.

185. Last of the Cochranes

A mysterious call drags Geoff to Melbourne where he meets up with 91-year-old Mum Cochrane, who is determined to return to Coopers Crossing to die.

186. Double life

The people of Coopers Crossing are stunned when Guy's fiancee, Fern Wentworth, arrives in town. She is convinced that he has become too provincial and wants to reclaim his love.

187. Something, nothing

Johnno decides to re-evaluate his priorities in life when he and Rowie are nearly killed while flying through a storm. His first move is to tell Rowie he wants her to be a part of his future. He also buys the farm of his friend Bronwyn, who is diagnosed with MS.

188. Family

Scarlett, Kate and Geoff's daughter, is born in this episode! But something is wrong with her and the only doctor who can help her is an alcoholic as Kate found out!

189. Being positive

Anthropologist Jerry Davis returns to Coopers Crossing needing to speak to Geoff urgently. It's known that Jerry, who has a scar on his neck, was operated by the RFDS team during an emergency. Jackie is thrilled at the return of the man of her dreams, who she hopes will be the man of her future, but Jerry has bad news.

190. Open day

Geoff tries without success to persuade the mother of a badly scarred boy that it would aid his mental recovery to come to Coopers Crossing and face the world. When the boy becomes suicidal, Penny holds out a hand of friendship.

191. Changing times

Geoff and Kate move to Melbourne because Geoff is offered a job there. They can't get used to the city and they move back. Meanwhile Johnno and Rowie are having wedding plans, but at the last moment Rowie is getting second thoughts and doesn't want to marry Johnno anymore.

192. Freedom

Jackie discovers a pair of young lovers living in the cellar of her farmhouse in a story reminiscent of "Romeo and Juliet" with equally tragic consequences.


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