Season 6

127. A good drop of red
Tom, Kate, a pregnant woman and two businessmen are on a airplane crash. They have to stick together to survive in the middle of nowhere, but the businessmen don't think that way! Then the pregnant woman has to deliver her baby!

128. The hero

Gerry O' Neill, the new pilot, gets a lift from the old Felix because his car broke down. They get an accident and because Felix has been drinking, Gerry tries to convince the police that he has been driving. Geoff and Tom are not sure about the new pilot.

129. Suspision

Chris has to look after a criminal, Evans. The police claims he tried to escape but his injuries are consistant with the ones of a beating. Chris feels sorry for him but finally she has to release him from the hospital. On the way to Broken Hill they have a car accident. When Chris gets there Evans tries to kill them all but is shot to death by one of the policemen. It turnes out Evans had been treated for schizophrenia.

130. Daddy's girl

During college, Tom had a major crush on Megan Price. Togehter with her wealthy father, Megan visits a pipe installation nearby Coopers Crossing. During the inspection, there is an explosion. Many people get injured and Tom has to decide which patient goes to hospital first.

131. Two sisters running

Two girls, Kelly and Hannah, and their grandmother have a car accident. In hospital Geoff finds out the grandmother has lethal cancer. She wants to look for the girls' father, Michael O'Connor, their mother is dead. Geoff locates Michael on the opal-fields, but Michael won't come back. The grandmother dies, and the girls overhear Geoff when he says they might be split up. The girls run away and a search is organized. Geoff has found out why Michael won't come back for his kids, and confronts him with the information. This makes Michael come and look for his girls and thanks to him they are found!

132. Dangerous games

Nancy contacts an old rodeo-champion, Ralph McRae, to help Nick. Vic is jealous, he thinks Nancy and Ralph have something going. Ralph doesn't seem to realize he isn't young anymore, so he tries some rodeo, but gets really dizzy. It turns out he was near a stroke, but will be allright if he takes care of himself. He doesn't want to at first, but when he ends up in hospital he comes to his senses. Vic and Nancy are fighting and Nancy falls down the stairs. It looks like she'll be completely paralyzed, but later it turns out she could get better, if she has surgery. It's a rather big risk, but she and Vic decides to go through with the operation. And it is a success.

133. Milk run

A woman named Lois Murchison takes a bad fall, and can't radio for help. The only one left on the property apart from herself is her very young son Ben. Lois manages to send a call to D.J. on a really old radio, but he can't really identify her. Finally Tom finds her and takes her to hospital. Chris has applied for a top job in Sydney, and she got it - but turned it down!

134. Point of no return

Amanda is seeing Mark, who works on her father's property. Her mother doesn't approve and after a fight Mark leaves. Amanda is so upset she tries to kill herself. Debbie got a bump on the head in an accident, and in the plane her headinjury gets worse and she faints. David lands the plane, and Amanda will be fine. But Debbie's pilot license is withdrawn.

135. Small mercies

Tom goes to see June Nichols, who is ill. Her radio is broken, so Tom takes June's son Jason to go to the neighbours for help. They have a car accident and then get lost in the bush. They are found however, in time to save June as well.

136. A painful extraction

DJ's father visits Coopers Crossing and announces to bring his son back to Greece to help with the family business. Because all his son does, is playing a bit with the radio. But soon father Goannides finds out that his son has a very responsible job and so he lets DJ decide for himself.

137. The climber

Two friends visit David. Peter never finished his studies and he is still blamed for it by his parents. His girlfriend Karen is pregnant and she wants David ot tell Peter. When David and Peter go climbing, this is David's opportunity to tell Peter. But Karen got food poisoning and looses the baby. Peter got food poisoning as well and David has to help him while they are still climbing. Clare replaces DJ.

138. Dead reckoning

A pilot with typhoid comes to Coopers Crossing. A businessman who stole an amount of money from his company hired the pilot to fly him out of the country. Geoff, Kate, Gerry and a woman with serious kidney failure are held hostage by the businessman because they don't agree. Kate is forced to go with him and the pilot. The plane crashes down, but they survive!

139. A bride to be

Whistler finally got the courage after twenty years to ask Alice to marry him. But he wants to offer her a great home. To make some money, he steals cattle with his friend Graeme.

140. A place for the night

Jenny can't walk anymore after she fell off her horse. Tom can't find a cause and asks Kate and Geoff to bring her to Sydney. On their way they are having some troubles with the plain and they have to spend the night by two sisters in a very strange house. When they return next day, there are no signs that people lived there and it seems like they met some ghosts...

141. End of the rainbow

Nick goes to an opal-miner called Jackson with a generator. Jackson attacks Nick but then get trouble breathing. He goes to hospital with his daughter while Nick stays to guard the mine. A thief comes at night and manages to get some opals with him. When Jackson comes to the mine the following day he gets sick again and David take some tests of the mine. Jackson thinks his former partner, Palmer, stole the opals and goes over to his mine. David goes after him and finds them fighting in the mine. Suddenly the roof crashes down and the three of them are trapped inside. In the last minute they are saved by Tom and Nick. David finds out Jackson was allergic to some fungus in the mine and therfore he can't be working in it. He sells the mine to Parker.

142. Double vision

Tom is treating a girl named Kim, she burnt her hands. She falls in love with Tom and follows him everywhere which is a bit embarresing. She follows him to the airport and climbs into the cargospace in front of the plane when they go on a clinic round. They find her there after a while and she has to stay with them over night. The following day she finds out her mother will come. She is very upset and runs away. Tom finds her on top of a windmill and manages, through difficulties, to get her down. They found out Kim is schizophrenic and she will go back to town for treatment.

143. The boy in the boot

A father, Rex, and his son Tim are heading toward Coopers Crossing when Tim gets in the boot of the car. They have a caraccident, but are saved at the last minute before the truck burns into a wreck. Tim will be fine, but Geoff finds out Rex's got a heart disease. It isn't curable and Rex wants to spend time with his son. They leave for a farm the following morning. Tim's mother, Jess, turns up in town and claims Rex has kidnapped Tim, she wants him back! At the farm Rex and Tim finds out the person they were looking for had moved but they stay there with Di and Ellie Martin. Suddenly Rex collapses. Geoff and Kate arrive but Rex dies in the plane. Tim decided to stay on the farm to try the country life.

144. Windows of the soul

David is getting a man to hospital who has hurt his head. David finds out he's been in Vietnam but he doesn't want to talk about it. But he does have a heart condition and needs a by-pass operation in Sydney. He refuses to go, he reckons he has got nothing to live for. He runs away from the hospital but then his daughter from Vietnam shows up. Apparantly he had no knowledge of her. She and David go looking for her father and finally they manage to locate him. After lots of dramas the man ends up in hospital, and when he sees he has a daughter who cares about him he decides to go through with the operation and he and his daughter leave for Sydney together.

145. Rest in peace

Nick and Annie find a car in a dried creek with two bodies inside. They are believed to be Bob and Rachel Jordan, who mysteriously disappeared years earlier. Tom is suspicious and finally they find out the man in the car wasn't Bob. It turned out Rachel had had an affair - Bob was ill and spent most of his time in bed. Their son found out and told Bob, who was very upset. Rachel and her "boyfriend" took off, but apparently they didn't get any further than the creek. Shortly afterwords Bob died, but made Michael swear not to tell the truth. Michael held his promise and burried Bob at the property. He had had mental problems ever since.

146. Life line

Chris meets Mandy, a young woman who recently lost her baby and who thinks she is pregnant now. She tries and help Mandy, but then she got some bad news: her father has cancer and doesn't want to get treatment.


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