Season 5

101. The gift
Doctor David Ratcliffe from Broken Hill arrives. Jimmy and Sally McCarthy have a car accident. Sally will be fine, but Jimmy has massive brain damage. David says Jimmy is clinicly dead and wants to call the transplant unit. But Chris wants to wait for Geoff, he is out on a clinic round. When he comes home he confirms what David's been saying, Jimmy is clinicly dead. But David has acted very badly toward Jimmy's parents. Despite that, they agree to a transplant! Chris wonders if Geoff and Kate are really getting married, as Paula says they are. Kate hesitates, but finally says "yes"!!!

102. Second chance

A truck gets stuck in the river and Emma is asked to pull it out. She tries together with Paula, but the truck is too heavy and Emma get stuck underneath the truck in the water. While the water is rising, Geoff has to make a difficult decision: amputate Emma's arm or wait for another truck to pull Emma out.

103. Not the Malarvy's

The Malarvy-family comes to Coopers Crossing when their daughter is hospitalized due to pneumonia. They have eight children and the oldest daugther looks after the rest of them. She meets David and at a party she accidently "thinks" David proposed to her. She is really thrilled and tells her parents straight away. They also like the idea of their daughter being married to a doctor. After a lot of talking, explanations and misunderstandings the girl understands and decides to go to nursing school in Broken Hill.

104. The adventure

Geoff and Kate run away to marry each other secretly. But not everything turnes out the way they planned! Meanwhile Paula leaves with two women and a man to take a photo session in the outback. Luke goes with them, because he doesn't trust the man and it proves he did the right thing!

105. No man's land

Chris and David are on a clinic run for three days. The farm they're staying at, is run by a woman and her two daughters. David doesn't feel welcome and soon he finds out that the women are very hostile towards all men. There must be a reason for this attitude. Geoff and Kate are taught a lesson: how to behave like a married couple. They are overwhelmed with all kinds of presents, even baby stuff.

106. Rising sundown

A lady named Essie Harrington is selling her property. Two japanese men shows up at the auction and they lay the highest bid. This upsets almost everybody, especially since Essie's husband was killed by the Japanese during the war. The tension is too much for Essie, she collapses and is brought to hospital. When she feels better David says he'll take her back home, but someone has sabotaged the plane, thinking David would fly the japanese men. David makes a force landing, and he and Essie are ok. Essie decided to sell her property to the neighbours and the japanse men leave.

107. Man and boy

A young boy named Ricky gets hit by lightning. David, Kate and Sam manage to get there, but the storm makes sure they can't take off. Ricky is in agony and Kate wants to let Ricky die. But David says he, as a doctor, can't just let a patient die. Finally a helicopter gets there and Ricky is brought to hospital. He will be all right.

108. The longing

An aboriginal woman wants to have her baby in a place where she grew up. She and her husband drive around and not everyone is friendly towards them. Finally Geoff and Kate got married! But because Geoff has to help out far away with the delivery of the aboriginal woman's baby, the ceremony goes all by radio.

109. Bitter harvest

The Potter family is supposed to be one of the happiest families of Coopers Crossing. But suddenly this seems not right as the Potter's are involved by a murder attempt. Chris is a friend of the family and she takes care of the family.

110. The instrument

David discovers that a man who works in a mine got injured. But the man keeps working and even wins a boxing match. So David questions his motives, because this seems impossible.

111. Word and deed

Jacko is babtizing a baby who is related to Sam. Afterwords Sam discovers some burnmarks on Jacko's hands. He is taken to hospital and diagnosed with leprosy. He can be treated but everyone is upset and stays away from him. He gets sad and flies away without telling anyone. When they find out and try calling him on the radio there's no answer. Geoff and Sam follow him and manage to locate him. They talk to him and soon Father Jacko is himself again!

112. All that glitters

A rich man called Barry Ryan comes to town. He is out with some horses when Luke, who is nearby, hears a shot. Barry has been shot and is taken to hospital. But Jack has a problem, it seems no one was out there except Barry - and Luke. Jack finds out Luke once killed a cop, and puts him in jail. Finally it turns out Barry was trying to kill himself, and Jack and Luke are friends again.

113. Fly past

DJ gets a call, a stationhand has a broken leg. Chris flies out and sees the worker - who turns out to be Tom Callaghan!! He isn't too badly hurt and everybody wonders why Tom isn't working as a doctor. They throw him a big welcome-back-party at the pub, but he acts strangely and is very rude. The following day he flies out to the property where he is working with David. But in the plane David is stung by wasps and has an allergic reaction. Tom performs a tracheotomy and calls Mayday. Sam is out on a clinic round and can't help, so Chris takes a Cessna and tries to talk Tom down. Amazingly he manages to land the plane with only a few difficulties. Later Tom talks to Chris about some things he experienced in Africa, but then leaves for the farm.

114. The last rodeo

A girl named Kathy complains of stomachpains and Chris does some tests. Kathy's father shows up secretly and he and Kathy leaves during the night. The tests show Kathy is a diabetic and Chris and Dougie try to track her down. They succeed eventually but Kathy is in a coma. She is taken to hospital and will be fine. And her dad sets things straight with her mum.

115. Sky above, earth below

A little girl named Sophie falls down a mineshaft. Everybody tries to rescue her but it doesn't look too good. In the last minute David saves her, despite his claustrofobia!

116. Lucky lady

An old man is found in the forrest, he claims to be searching for someone. He is dehydrated and goes to hospital, but runs away. It turned out he had crashed a plane outside the Crossing during the war, and his mates had died in the crash, he wanted to see the plane and the grave. He felt guilty for his friends dying, so he wanted to kill himself out there but was rescued by his son, Geoff and Emma.

117. The chips are down

Nick's father, Jim, and Nick are out driving. Nick is a bit worried, the rumour says his dad takes amphetamine. Nick is asleep, when Jim suddenly can't see properly. He crashes into the Broken Hill bus! There are a lot of victims, and everybody is called in. Nick thinks they crashed because his dad was high, but an x-ray showed he had a brain damage. He goes to Sydney for treatment as soon as they find out.

118. Guardian angel

Michael and Lee visit an old man named Karl. They work for a mining company and want to do a survey on Karl's land, but he refuses. When they are on their way Michael starts acting more and more agressive. When they stop he goes mad and pushes Lee off a cliff! Michael is found and brought to hospital. After a lot of tests and troubles they found out he had rabies!! After a while Karl tells them there was a girl with Michael, and the search starts. She is found and will be all right. Before she leaves Coopers Crossing she promises Karl no survey will ever be done on his land.

119. Battlers

Nick and his friend Shane work for mr. Logan. Nick hurts his chest and Tom says he needs to rest for 10 days. Mr. Logan doesn't except that and to keep his job Nick keeps working. But one day he feels really bad, and mr. Logan says he'll drive Nick and Shane to town. In the car they start arguing, and mr. Logan dumps the two of them in the middle of nowhere. Nick is unconscious. Mr Logan's wife, Maria, suspects something is wrong and takes a car and goes after them. She can't drive well, and gets lost. Nick and Shane get a ride to the nearest property where the Nomad picks them up. He needs immediate surgery, but will be all right. A search for Maria is organized and she is found!

120. No tears

A man working for Baxter, Ben, has a car accident. The RFDS comes and checks him out. They say he need an eye operation. But Ben has heard that Baxter wants to fire him, so he grabs a horse and rides off. After a while he is found and Tom tries to talk to him. When Tom steps outside Ben shoots himself.

121. A doctor's dreaming

Goeff, Kate, David and Emma leave for an aboriginal meeting in the bush. Geoff gets appendicitus and has to operate on himself. He passes out and Kate has to take over because David won't make it on time!

122. Blues for Judy

A girl who is a friend of Emma's gives birth in her car, then leaves the baby outside Emma's front door wanting Emma to look after it - what she doesn't know is that Emma is staying overnight in town. The girl collapses and ends up in hospital. David is her doctor, he knows she has just given birth and tries to let her tell him where the baby is. The baby ends up being left out in the cold all night. The girl's boyfriend turns up as well. Eventually the girl says where she left the baby and Emma and the boyfriend find it.

123. The claim

Lorraine's husband died and Judith's husband left with somebody else. So the two friends are living together. Lorraine gets killed in an accident and to make matters worse, Judith's ex-husband returns (who is Lorraine's brother as well). He wants Judith back, no matter what.

124. A rhyme for reason

Kate has piano lessons from an old lady. Lately this lady doesn't feel so well. It turnes out that her son in law is giving her pills so that he inherits her properties when she dies!

125. Dad's little bloke

Little Mikey gets hurt and in hospital it is discovered that his blood group doens't match either his father or his mother. It turns out that Mikey was switch at birth with another baby boy. His father goes looking for the other family in Melbourne, together with Kate and Geoff, who went there for some time off.

126. A sporting life

Mel Cregan from Coopers Crossing is the big baseballhero in New South Wales. After a great game he and his dad, Kev, are celebrating at the pub with their mates. They are rather drunk but Kev insists on driving home in the middle of the night. They have an accident and Mel hurts his leg. They need to amputate but Mel doesn't allow it. Geoff and Tom go through with the operation anyway, to save Mel's life. After his operation Mel goes to Sydney for special treatment. But he swears to sue Geoff and Tom. After a lot of hard times Mel realizes you can have fun in a wheel-chair - you can even sport.


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