Sesong 9

193. Nymphs and nightmares
A sighting of the 'Outback Nymph' by washed-up journo Walter Morell brings unwelcome memories rushing back for Rowie. Could it really be her childhood pal Beryl whom she left in the Bush 20 years ago?

194. Out of the bleu

Kate and Geoff are arguing a lot since Scarlett was born. Geoff rescues Penny from suffocation and Penny developes a crush on Geoff. Whole Cooper's Crossing is obsessed with a satelite which may crash right in the middle of the town!

195. The last dance

Clare's routine is disturbed by the arrival of an old 'flame' as Steve struggles to get his new business off the ground.

196. Unfinished business

Chaos comes to the operating theatre following a surprising discovery of a deadly bacteria. Guy is called upon to stem the rising panic, but tact is not his strongest point. Rowie embarks on a journey of self-discovery and comes to a decision about Johnno.

197. Jaqueline

Guy and Jackie got stuck in an abandoned shed after a clinic round due to bad weather. And when they come back to town the following morning everybody is really interested about what happened in that shed during the night ...

198. Monkey

Jackie is put in an impossible position when she discovers that a talented surgeon is also a heroin addict.

199. The stranger

The residents of Coopers Crossing think they've met their first alien when a nude man confronts Geoff in the outback. At first he just seems to be a nutcase, but it transpires that he has an extraordinary depth of knowledge about medicine, flying and mechanics. When the military arrive in town looking for him, matters begin to get a whole lot stranger.

200. The christening

It is the day of the christening of Scarlett. Geoff and Kate are looking back at their lives by flashbacks.

201. The good book

Steve finds an old diary which is reason enough to organize a big reunion! Tom, Chris, D.J., Emma and Baxter(!) return in this episode.

202. My little patch

Guy gets in over his head when he answers a call for help from a young Koori boy, caught between two cultures, whose grandfather is dying of cancer.

203. Two splatt shuffle

A travelling medical salesman is involved in an accident and his double life is revealed when two women turn up claiming to be his wife.

204. Secrets

When Rowie is swept off her feet by the handsome and wealthy Andrew Abbott, a long-lost brother shows her where her real roots lie when he has conversations over the radio with Kate, threatening to kill his wife and daughter because of his money problems.

205. The games we play

Guy attempts to diagnose the puzzling symptoms of a new young patient. Meanwhile, Coopers Crossing is buzzing with excitement over the cricket match of the decade.

206. Bone china

The residents of Coopers Crossing feel uneasy when killer Matt Samuels is released from prison, and Kate insists on driving him home, unaccompanied. Geoff flexes his culinary muscles as he embarks on a restaurant venture.

207. Johnno be good

Only a week after the cremation, Johnno finds out his father passed away. He goes to Melbourne to collect his father's stuff and meets an old friend again. It turns out Johnno's father was making up all kinds of stories about Johnno flying over the world. But he never had time for Johnno when he was a kid and Johnno didn't make time for his father when he grew up. Now it is too late. Steve and Guy try to fix up Johnno's house while he is away, but instead of helping, they accidentally burn it down.

208. Lost rainbows

Rowie leaves on horseback to an emergency. When she arrives, there isn't an emergency but there is a very strange and tense atmosphere. Rowie calls the base to help her out.

209. Broken promises

Emily is marrying Hugh, but her parents are involved in everything. She is overstressed and ends up in hospital. She starts doubting the marriage, Hugh is from a fine family and so is she, and she wonders if Hugh just marries her because it will look good. Finally she calls the wedding off. A truck with all the food and drinks for the wedding crashes in the bush. Almost everybody goes out there, and when they find out the wedding is off they have a huge party in the middle of nowhere!! But when they come back to town they discover the wedding is back on again! So they try to cook to make up for all the food. When they have finally finished the bride's father comes and tells everybody the couple have eloped!!

210. Visitors welcome

Toshi, who visited Coopers Crossing last year, comes back with a group full of japanese tourists. Since the pub is full Johnno is staying at a man called Barry and his son Luke. It's obvious Luke does anything to impress his father, but Barry picks on him all the time. One of the japanese men is stabbed one night, nobody knows who it is. But when Johnno come out to Barry's place, Luke is there, with a big blackeye. It turns out Luke stabbed the japanese man to impress Barry (who once talked badly about the japanese), Barry finds out and hit him. Rowie discovers Luke's got a hearing injury, and it turns out Barry's been beating Luke every now and then. He realizes how wrong he has done and agrees to go in councling.

211. Yesterday's news

For this one time Kate picks up her work as a nurse again. She and Johnno go on a baby clinc tour. A journalist joins them. An emergency occurs and Kate has to operate on a young man. The journalist is only interested in news and forgets that there are people involved. Kate gets furious at her!

212. Dirty linen
The laundry machines in the hospital breaks down one after another, due to old age. But there isn't enough money to buy new ones. The laundresses go on strike! After a lot of trouble, and with the help from a famous union man and Penny they sort the problem out. Steve meets the school teacher Jane McLaughlin, and they end up in bed together.

213. Chasing rainbows

Rowie and Guy are arguing. Rowie's father is really ill, but decides to go back to the outback. Rowie has to help an injured member of the navy by radio.

214. Uncle cyrano

As Steve pursues his infatuation with local schoolteacher Jane, she goes to Guy with shattering news. Guy is torn between professional and personal loyalty: should he tell Steve the truth? And what about Penny?

215. Luck of the draw

Geoff has to choose between delivering a premature baby and attending Steve, a snake-bite victim. Jackie doens't agree with Geoff's decision, but later on she has to make a simular choice. Kate fights the local politics, including Vic.

216. Trouble with M.E.

When diehard farmer Matt Sheridan complains of tiredness, Guy is convinced that he's suffering from stress, while Rowie thinks it has to be physical. As the two clash, the base's atmosphere grows ever more tense. Is Coopers Crossing big enough for both of them?

217. The accomplice

A stranger in town has winning ways and is accepted by everyone except by Jackie, who feels uneasy about him.

218. Blind obsession

Claire's secret admirer strikes again, and she confesses that it would be fun to meet him in person.

219. Wimp

Steve faces charges for contributing to a boxer's death in the ring.

220. Visionaries

Vic has a plan to bring Coopers Crossing out of the recession: bikini-clad parking inspectors. Vic thinks he has visions about Guy and Penny and Rowie finds out about the two.

221. Life lessons

Because it is Scarlett's first birthday, Geoff decides to make a videotape about the life lessons from his father. He interviews all the important characters of Cooper's Crossing and discovers many lies and secrets!
The last episode, so it was very sad!!

1. If you have a gift, never be afraid to use it.

2. When you've reached the end of a phase in life, know it's the end, accept it and move on.

3. Always be truthful.

4. Never lie, always keep a confidence.

5. Treat others the way you'd like to be treated yourself.

6. Know your friends.

7. Stay loyal to your friends.

8. Sometimes the truth is painful. Those who brave it are extraordinary people.

9. Don't be afraid to admit that you're wrong.

10. Accept others for what they are.

These were the life lessons Geoff gave Scarlett the day she turned one years old, in the last episode of The Flying Doctors. Geoff got them from his father and they were ment to always be there with him and help him through life.
Through this episode Geoff tells Scarlett the lessons with his video camera. The following text is Geoff's voice on the tape.

"Dear Scarlett. You grand-father - my dad - was never short on advice. On my first birthday he gave me ten rules to observe. He called them life lessons.
Even though as I grew up I thought they had little to do with me, I've never forgotten them. And as I look back on my years I realize they've become corner stands of my existence.
Lesson number one: If you have a gift, never be afraid to use it. Otherwise you never get to enjoy the greatest gift of all, the gift of giving.

Ten life lessons came to me in a long letter that my dad wrote. Now we have video. It won't be until the next century I guess, that you will understand or even care about this birthday present. Like my dad before me I'm making an investment.

These are the people your mum and I live with. They're good people. Each one of them has held you in their arms. But you are not going to know them. By the time you're grown up most of these people will have gone, moved on. Coopers Crossing is like that; people come, they go. Lesson number two, Scarlett; When you've reached the end of a phase in life, know that it's the end, accept it and move on.

Guy and Jackie have been going out together for a couple of months. Look at them. Are they close? They think they are. This is lesson number three; Always be truthful. Guy is less than truthful about his affair with Penny. They don't think anyone knows, but I do. I've known for a while. It's my secret. My dad told me to always be truthful but when I'm with Jackie what is it I do by not telling her of the betrayal? I lie by omission.

Steve is young and I expect that he'll be married soon. But for the time beeing I worry about him. He's lonley, he sleeps by cars. He's got a dog but that's not enough. No one shares his bed. And as we get older Scarlett, that becomes pretty important. Most of my colleagues live alone. Some of us form relationships trough the job like you mum and me. Like Rowie and Johnno. Like Guy and Jackie. But not many of us has stayed together.

Dear Scarlett. When my dad gave me the life lessons I thought he was like God. He wasn't. Nor am I.

Dear Scarlett. Sometimes the truth is painful. Those who brave it despite the outcome are extrodinary people. I think I admire them.

And the funny thing about my dad is that although he gave me lots of advice and he often reminded me about the life lessons, he very rarley observed them. Now, I don't condemn him for his weaknesses, Lord knows, we've all got them. But I think that's why lesson number ten is the hardest to observe. And it's also the simplest; Accept others for what they are. Because, Scarlett we are all badly flawed. Your dear old dad included."


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