Sesong 7

147. Fly like a bird
The new pilot, Johnno Johnson, arrives. An old man named Les thinks he's got asbestosis from mine-jobs. He's convinced he'll die and wants compensation money from the mining company. He's gonna give the money to a boy named Matt, who wants to be a pilot. Les finds out he's not gonna die after all, and when Matt finds out he steels Johnno's plane. Johnno manages to talk him down.

148. A day to remember

During a clinic round there are reports of small fires, which eventually turns out to be one huge fire! Geoff goes out there, but burns his hands and is replaced by David. He attends a family where a woman is seriously ill. They manage to get her to hospital, but she needs major surgery in Sydney. There's no time to fly her there, and Geoff can't operate, so David has to do it! The operation is a success!

149. A place to call home

Nick is out fixing a wind mill, when a woman named Kerry comes, her car broke down. She's pregnant and starts having contractions. Nick helps with the delivery, she gets a baby girl. Something is not right with Kerry though, and it turns out she stole the car and a lot of money from her boss. He comes to Coopers Crossing and says if he gets his stuff back he won't press charges.

150. Divided loyalties

A pilot-friend of Johnno's, Keith Lorrigan, has a plane crash and dies. His wife Vikki finds some heart pills, and Johnno doesn't want anybody to know, they'd only think it was Keith's fault. Johnno tries to work out what happened and discovers Keith thought he was flying barrels of destilled water, when in fact it was sulphuric acid in them. The barrels leeked and caused the crash.

151. A rural education

David and Annie go to a remote part of town to do check ups on pupils at the school. One of the boys keeps acting strangely and has bad headaches and his hands keep shaking. His sister is having headaches as well. The other kids tease him and think he is mad. David tries talking to his father but gets no response from him, so he goes to see the boy's grandfather. He has got the shakes as well and says it's miner's shake. David finds out from him that stuff from the mines has been leaking into a stream, but then they find out it is getting into the water where the boy's father is getting water from to water the vegetables with, so it turns out the boy is being poisoned.

152. The ties that bind

Sandy and Phil are camping with their mentally disabled son. But he needs a lot of attention and behaves very bad. Phil leaves his wife and son. When Geoff visits the camp, the mother and son have disappeared as well.

153. Brother's keeper

Through helping an alcoholic friend, Tom finds himself trapped in a mine and at the mercy of a murderer.

154. Wilderness

A girl comes to the clinic tour. Tom discovers she is a diabetic. She needs to give herself insuline shots, but her father forbids her to do so. He lost his wife because of pills some doctors gave to her. When Tom insists the girl needs medication, he takes his daughters, burns his house down and drives into the wilderness. The car breaks down and the Flying Doctors are just on time to save the little girl's life, as she hasn't took her insuline on time.

155. Valentine's day

David falls in love with a British woman. She is flying around the world on her own and she is only in town for a few days while her plane is being fixed. But then David finds out she is very ill and has hodgekin's disease. She wants to travel and see as much of the world as she can before she dies. David asks her to marry him, but she turns him down because of the travelling. Meanwhile Clare has a secret admirer.

156. A little tenderness

Tom talks to a woman who needs to have her utures removed. The woman lives under horrible cirumstances, her husband is really mean. One day her husband gets badly hurt, and Tom and Johnno fly out there. There's a storm coming in, so they can't fly the hurt man to hospital. Tom has to operate, assisted by Johnno and the wife. The operation is a sucess and finally the couple manages to sort things out.

157. Poet's corner

An alcoholic poet with writer's block arrives in Coopers Crossing and causes trouble by his decision to turn to plagiarism.

158. Family farm

A tense situation develops when Jim, burdened by his failure to provide for his family, takes his wife and youngest daughter as hostages. Geoff tries to calm him down and switches places with the wife and daughter.

159. A place to belong

Magda Heller from Germany joins the Flying Doctors. She wants some change in her life. Soon she is involved in an emergency.

160. Breakaway

A young mother, Stacey, tries to escape the clutches of her manic depressive boyfriend, Terry, by running away to Coopers Crossing with her daughter. But will she be safe there?

161. Billie and Pete

Billie, once a famous blues singer, and Pete are in a car crash. Geoff knows Billie from his years in college and asks her to stay at his and Kate's house. He helps Billie with her voice problem, which he thinks is physically and not mental. Meanwhile Kate tries to figure out what really was between Billie and Geoff.

162. Old man's weed

Magda and Kate have a fight on their hands when they try to persuade an aborigine girl's father to allow her to undergo an operation to save her from a brain tumor. The man swears by his own medicine: a herb called old man's weed.

163. David and Goliath

David is called out to a patient who has his leg trapped. Back at the hospital David also notices a lump on the man's chest which he says should be tested and removed. But the man goes to see another older doctor and he says that the lump is allright as it is. David goes to see the other doctor and ends up in a big disagreement with him. David goes to see the man again to get him to reconsider but he won't. A Flying Doctors offical turns up and tells David not to pursue it any further and that if he doesn't stop his job is on the line, but David won't leave it alone and doubts whether he should quit his job or not. But, eventually the man lets David do the test and it turns out to be cancer.

164. Last carnival

When Annie gives treatment to a boy who works on a carnival, the pair develop a strong rapport.

165. Innocence lost

Jeannie, Kate's friend, is raped by a young man. Kate stays at Jeannie's house. The man returns to the house and Jeannies father shoots him. Kate helps him more or less against her will.

166. Bush christmas

Vic and Nancy are hard at work preparing for Christmas.


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