Sesong 3

51. The noble art
Some boxers come to Coopers Crossing. Johnny Lawrence is one of them. He was the champion some years ago and is very much set to a come-back. He develops some kind of crush on Kate. During a fight, Johnny loses consiousness. It is discovered that he has problems with his heart and he may never box again. At first he is very angry about it, but later on he decides to buy a farm and become a farmer. He asks Kate to go with him, but she refuses.

52. Sapphire

Sapphire is a woman who is married and lives with her husband and his sister. Her husband is a lot older than her and everyone thinks Sapphire is after his money. Meanwhile the sister is poisoning her brother but has convinced the farm hand that Sapphire is doing it.

53. Cries from the heart

A man and his 8yr old daughter Tracy are in a car crash and Tracy wanders off. A woman reports to Jack that she has met the girl but Jack doesn't believe her as there is no evidence of a child having been in the car, and the woman has been reporting for years a child is crying in the bush as her own 8yr old daughter Laura died. When Tracy's father regains conciousness and asks for Tracy, Jack is distraught as he blames himself for Laura's death. Chris comforts Jack and later the girl is found alive.

54. All in a day's work

It's inspection time at the base and the inspector hasn' t arrived. The team is busy flying around the district and are unable to make the clinic run. Guess who's at the clinic run? The inspector. Eventually she arrives at the base by the mail plane but when she is talking to Geoff he falls asleep. Jack falls in love with Chris.

55. Out of a clear blue sky

Marty the mechanic arrives and causes problems for DJ at the disco, while Jack is out of town sorting out his divorce in the hope that Chris and he will get together.

56. Affirmative action

Because of the doctor's service, a tennis match is organised at the farm of the Greenways. Meg, the daughter, trains secretely for a camel race of 3000 km. When her father finds out, he refuses all financial support. Sam and Emma convince George Baxter to support Meg.

57. Figures in a landscape

The famous artist Max comes with his agent Charles to Coopers Crossing. To make a profit, they pretend that Max died, but then it turns out, Charles won't share the money. Geoff's former girlfriend visits Coopers Crossing. She tries to let GG fall for her again. Kate and Chris would like to know what the other "G" stands for (maybe Grumpy?).

58. The devil you know

Kimberley White, a representative of a firm which has stocks in the Baxter company, comes by for an inspection. She is very stressed out and lives on pills. Chris gives her inspiration to overrule her boss.

59. Operating solo

A doctor in science comes to the Crossing. He falls in love with Chris. He is seriously injured by an explosion and Chris is the only one available to operate on him! Geoff hurts his knee and is sent to Broken Hill. Kate goes there with him (against her will because "doctors are the worst patients"). Geoff and Kate have to stay in a motelroom and they kiss, but that's it!

60. The path of true love

A group of people falls in a river. Connie is seriously injured and keeps asking for her husband Robert. The other members of the group don't believe he exists and they are getting tired of her. But Geoff finds the man.

61. The kid

Andy arrives with his dog in Coopers Crossing to join a match for dogs. He fights with another boy, gets injured and has to go to hospital. There they find out that Andy has got a tumor.

62. The first step

A woman who has got a seizure, blaims all of this on her baby. Her husband can't cope anymore. Chris tries, with all the other Coopers Crossing's residents, all sorts of therapy, but nothing seems to work. But then Sam takes her to the horses.

63. Hopscotch

Mimmi, her husband and two daughters arrive in Coopers Crossing. Mimmi is already giving birth when she arrives in hospital. Kate takes the two daughters to Violet, who takes them to Sam and Emma. Then the husband disappears and a day later they have all disappeared.

64. Jacks high

Because of a fire at the Baxter's place, Jack has to kill all the sheep. When he gets a lift back to the plane, his gun goes off and Jack is seriously injured. Marty and Dougie organise a riding casino for sheep sheerers.

65. Clapped out

Violet doubts about leaving. Nancy gets Maggie Hutton to take over Violet's shop. They organise a diner to thank Violet. Chris spends a lot of time with Mike and because of it, Kate feels not at ease. She is scared she has to move again.

66. Private lives, public faces

A new cop Larry O'Connor and his dog Rebel arrive in town and he is eager to make an impression. He starts out by arresting the youths who broke into Baxter's office. DJ is panicking as the boys go to the disco he runs. Mike tells Chris he is married, but that he loves her. Violet's grand-daughter arrives and takes Violet to England.

67. Wedlock

A boy finds out his mother is having an affair with another landowner. The boy falls off his horse and complains of pain in his legs. Chris can't find anything wrong with the boy and suggests he go home. He hears his parents talking about a divorce and falls ill again. Sam and Chris devise a way to find out if he is faking or not. Marty is forever talking about leaving for Surfer's Paradise so DJ, Constable O'Connor and Sam set up the Surfer's Carnival.

68. The wrangler's daughter

A wrangler and his mental impaired daughter are camping out in the bush. The wrangler's boss Richard Sawyer frightens the girl who runs away, and when her father goes looking for her he is bitten by a snake. The locals start a
search in the bush and Constable O'Connor impresses the town by finding the girl.

69. Borrowed time

A crop duster friend of Sam's named Bob works for Baxter but he has turned into a enviromentalist and sprays water and milk over the crops. Baxter is not impressed and wants Constable O'Connor to arrest him. Bob tells Sam about his 8yr old son being killed when he sprayed himself with chemical from a tank. Bob decides to make a statement by threatening to empty chemicals into Canberra's water supply. Bob gets killed and Sam finds out there were no chemicals aboard his plane.

70. The forbidden
A land inspector visits and falls down a cave after being warned by an aboriginal spirit to stay away. He is rescued but is very ill. Geoff asks Dougie for help in getting the curse removed. The man recovers but his tests show he has a disease caused by bat droppings. Mike visits Chris and brings his two daughters with him. The whole town starts talking about Chris, so Mike leaves but states he will be back. Sam's sister, Paula, also comes to the Crossing, she got a job as radiographer at the hospital.

71. She'll be right

Hurtle returns to the crossing driving a Rolls Royce, which is stolen, but he doesn't know. Constable O'Connor is advised to look out for the stolen car, so Hurtle and Vic hide it. Jack returns and he finds out Hurtle and Vic are up to no good. Mike tells Chris he has asked his wife for a divorce, but receives a call saying his wife has taken the children back to France. He asks Chris to go with him but she refuses. Mike leaves, and Chris cries on Jack's shoulder.

72. One final request

An old lady is dying. Geoff and Kate keep her company, as she won't leave her house. She tells Geoff and Kate not to hesitate to say that they are in love with each other. Hurtle and Vic must appear to court because they owned a stolen car.

73. Roxanne

Emma is going out to fix a tractor, despite Sam's and Paula's protests. On the road she sees a car in trouble. Inside she finds Roxanne and Kenny, both on the run from the police after a robbery. Kenny has been shot and is in a dreadful state. Roxanne forces Emma, under gunpoint, to ditch their car, and drive them to an abandonned shed in the bush. Late at night Kenny gets worse, so Emma and Roxanne go into town and get Chris. Sam has already reported Emma missing, but no one misses Chris until the following morning. A search is organised and finally they find Chris and Emma, who has been under a lot of strain, since Roxanne has been taking amfetamines.

74. Don't tell anybody

A school picnic is held at a property belonging to a man named Rodney. He claims a ghost lives there too, called Mick. Geoff and Kate are there, to teach the kids first aid. Later on the town people gather out there, except for Maggie, Emma, Chris and Lucy, who look after the pub. Geoff and Sam are called out on an emergency, but get terribly frightened by a dog! They swear, however, not to tell anybody. At night three nasty men arrive at the pub, which scares the women a bit. On the property Marty decides that he's going to sleep in Mick's room, to see if he is real. Paula scares him during the night, pretending to be a ghost. Marty runs away and falls down a gully! Sam is getting very worried about Emma, he can't reach her on the phone. He rushes back the following morning, only to find her and the other women having a nice breakfast with the nasty blokes from the previous night. Before Jack leaves Rodney's property, he actually sees Mick, in whom he had never previously believed, but when he tells Chris, she just laughs.

75. No way back

Emma is visiting a lady called Ann Williams on a farm out of town. George Baxter wants to buy the property, but Ann doesn't want to sell it, she has too many memories of the farm, where she lost her child a few years back. While Emma is out there, Sam visits, and suddenly Emma get a horrible stomach pain. She realizes there's something wrong with the baby, and George Baxter, who is in the neighbourhood, offers to give her and Sam a lift to the hospital. When they arrive in Coopers Crossing, Emma has lost her baby. Emma seems to recover, but an argument with Sam reveals she's really feeling terrible. Ann has decided to sell the property and move to the city. She doesn't want George to get a cheep price so she organizes an auction. The property is sold ... to Sam Patterson!! Geoff finally agrees to go flying with Chris in her Tiger Moth. He is terrifid ... but he survives!

76. Johnnie come home

A man named Harry has inherited a kidney disease from his father and needs a new kidney. The only one who might be able to give it to him is his brother Johnnie, but he disappeared in Vietnam during the war. Harry's father dies and at the funural his wife Julia sees Johnnie, but Harry doesn't believe her. When Johnnie ends up in hospital, it turns out Julia was right, it is Johnnie! He gives his kidney to Harry!


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