Sesong 2

27. Good day for it
Sam and Kate are worrying about a woman named Sal Cleary, she acts a bit odd. They check it out and it turns out her daughter Julie is pregnant. She isn't married but still wants to keep the baby. The family wanted to pretend the baby was Sal's, so both she and Julie has to stay out of sight until the baby is born. At the birth there are some complications but everything goes well eventually and Geoff, Kate and Sam make everybody think it was Sal's child. There is a political election between George Baxter and a man named Rob Dalton. George wins.

28. Horses for courses

A man called Jim has a car-accident and goes to hospital. His wife, Carol, is acting a bit strange about it. Chris finds out she's dyslectic, but she refuses to admit it. Later her son drinks some medicine, she can't read the bottle and so everybody finds out over the radio she can't read and write. Sam buys a horse from Carol, who is an extremely good rider, and Sam and Kate are practicing together for the big rodeo. Carol doesn't want to ride in the rodeo, she feels embarresed, but she turns up anyway. There's a beer-strike and Hurtle makes some own beer. But suddenly the whole town starts acting really strange. Geoff finds out Hurtle has mixed the alcohol with caffeine, which causes personality changes!

29. The unluckiest boy in town

A woman named Barbara Freeman finds out she's got a braindisease. It's hereditary, but her husband Robert won't tell their son Michael, he doesn't want him to worry. But Michael hears it anyway, and steals Baxter's airplane. DJ wants to start a disco to get the youngsters calm, they have caused a lot of trouble. Jack gives him permission to build a gym. Jack's boss Kevin has heard complaints about the youngsters and shows up. He decides to transfer Jack, but when he sees how Jack talked Michael down from the plane he changes his mind. Finally DJ gets his disco and celebrates with a huge party!

30. It isn't cricket

A rich man called Nigel turns up in town. Due to an accident he ends up in hospital. He has got one glass eye, and a melanoma in the other one. He refuses an operation since that would make him completely blind and doesn't care what the others say. Finally Kate and a blind lady convince him to have the operation. There's a cricket game between the Crossing and Windoona and Nigel manages to get a top national player to play for Coopers Crossing. Sam plays for Windoona, and finally it's him versus Emma - Emma wins and so does the Crossing!!

31. An only child

Jan, Phil and Zoe Buchanon come to the Crossing to write some articles and take some pictures. Both Jan and Phil fall down a cliff, which makes little Zoe an orphan. She moves in with Chris. Sam can't stay at the pub, the RFDS can't afford paying the bill anymore, they can only pay 60 dollars a week. Sam moves in with Violet, but then it turns out Vic and Nancy would have let Sam stay at the pub for those 60 dollars. This causes a huge fight between Violet and Nancy! Sam is waiting to see if he will get his permenancy as a pilot of the RFDS,but when the letter comes it turns out he got another six months probation.

32. A love story

Susan is pregnant. When her father and brother find out, they put a lot of pressure on her boyfriend Greg to marry her. Susan has a miscarriage and then her family thinks marriage is not necessary anymore. Geoff and Kate help Greg out. Chris and father Jacko wonder what has to happen with Zoë.

33. Keeping up appearances

Elaine Dermody is treated by Chris for some bruises which she says are caused by a fall. Chris doesn't believe her story. Hurtle finds a new way of earning money: he sells survial kits for in the desert. Together with DJ he makes a video.

34. All things bright and beautiful

A patient is brought in by Geoff. Everyone is dazzled, but Geoff is still doubting. Father Jacko has raised money for new choir books. When he is on a holiday, a rough motor rider is seen with Jacko's bag. Jacko as well as a kangaroo are shot.

35. My name is sky

A group of hippies comes to Coopers Crossing. They sell things and offer massages to bring people closer together. One of the group steels from the garage. Geoff is allowed to go to a meeting in Sydney. Everything seems to have change
there. Sky helps Chris with a patient.

36. Bachelors & spinsters

There is a bachelor party in Broken Hill and because of it DJ has a couple of days off. Baxter has arranged his replacement, Barry Saunders. Barry is very strict by the book. When Glen tries to reach Chris with a fake emergency, Barry thinks he'll be blamed for it. Then it turns out there is really something wrong with Glen and Barry freaks out. Geoff asks Kate to save to last dance for him.

37. Fifty-two hours straight

Pharlap and Carbine burn a car to get some money from the insurance company. Sam, Emma and Geoff are on their way home and Sam thinks an actual accident has happened. Sam gets hurt because of an explosion. The only thing Emma and Geoff can do is to take care of light and warmth.

38. A friend of a friend

Dougie gives a stranger a lift. The man talks on and on about his direct contact with God and Dougie introduces him to Jacko. Chris diagnoses the man with schizofrenia. Sam and Emma visit Sam's parents.

39. Friends & lovers

Chris and Zoë go to Broken Hill to meet Zoë's father and to take a patient to the hospital. Sam has bought a ring for Emma which she keeps in her save. Because of the anual eel catching event, Emma's ex-boyfriend is in Coopers Crossing as well. Geoff tries to catch an eel for Kate.

40. Realms of gold

An old man is found in the desert; he is hurt and not to be saved. He leaves a piece of paper. It is a map of an area where gold might be found. Soon whole of Coopers Crossing is caught by goldfever.

41. The hometown hero

While Sam is on his way home, he picks up an emergency call of another plane. The pilot is unwell and his brother can't fly. Sam talks him down safely. Kate and Geoff share their first kiss.

42. A distant echo

Violet finds out that her great grandfather was responsible for killing many aboriginals. She is very upset and wants to die. Dougie has appendicitis and helps Violet accept things the way they are. Geoff and Kate ignore each other and fight again because Geoff mentions Kate's relationship with Baxter.

43. No laughing matter

Mum Cochrane is reported missing. When she is found it turns out she hasn't got long to live anymore. Her two sons, Pharlap and Carbine, are getting their "pocket money" because of Geoff. They waste the money until Jack locks them in. Mum is taken to a nursing home in Melbourne en is still quite capable of giving orders. Emma and Sam get engaged.

44. No quarter asked

Jessie Logan returns to the Crossing after having wandered around the world for five years. Especially Kate is very glad. Jessie has MS. George Baxter is working against her plans and this gives her new strenght. All her friends help out to fix her little house while she's in hospital.

45. Myths & legends

Stories are told about Hughie, a man who lives in the outback for years. A journalist tries to prove that the man doens't exist, but a boy claims to be Hughie's grandson and wants to prove the opposite. Chris has to go on holiday.

46. The hitch-hiker

A hitch hiker runs away for her boyfriend Bruce. When it turns out that even in the hospital she isn't save, Geoff takes her to his own house. His distance to patients he likes to keep, seems to have vanished. Kate is jealous and the whole village questions Geoff's act. Bruce finds them and wants to revenge on Geoff.

47. Give a dog a bad name

Everyone thinks an older couple is murdered, because there is no other explanation for their death. The most important suspects are three men who have just arrived with a fun fair. But Jack discovers something else. Chris' father interferes with her work all the time and this annoys Chris a lot.

48. Every day a gift

Chris' father's girlfriend comes to Coopers Crossing. Noel Farley has to sell his farm to afford a journey to Venice for his sick daughter. Maureen makes sure that Baxter has to pay the full price for it. Noel is now able to send his daughter to an expensive clinic. DJ organizes a lottery to raise some money for the journey to Venice.

49. Bearing gifts

DJ's friends open a restauarant in Coopers Crossing. When one of the guests gets a food poisoning, the restaurant is blamed. Emma goes to Sydney to buy a wedding dress and to pick up Violet. Violet is arrested because she has some drugs with her. She helps the police to find the person who is really responsible for it.

50. Repeat performance

Preparations for the bicentenial are in full swing, just as preparations for Sam and Emma's wedding. Chris gets stuck somewhere with a sick girl because of bad weather conditions. The only transport she can get is a donkey. Sam, Kate and Geoff are just on time for the ceremony and Kate catches the wedding bouquet.


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